Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Martyn Llyod-Jones

Alistair Begg: The Pastor’s Study, Volume 3

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

John Piper: A Passion for Christ-Exalting Power

Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Revival

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  1. Lisa Hansen says:

    Dear Pastor John Piper,

    Thank you! Having been involved in a purposeful revival in Brazil twenty-some years ago, I can attest that it wasn’t until the believers came together and sought the Lord in prayer and asked that we would see God come in power did anything transpire. Truly, it wasn’t until leaders and pastors of various denominations came together weekly to pray, did we see just this kind of transformation in cities where thousands came to Christ and there was no concern about which church got them, we ministered as one. It was truly a phenomonial experience. The power of the Holy Spirit, when it comes, brings a holy hush, and then, whatever is preached, the Holy Spirit came with such unusual and unpresidented manifestation that to this day I tremble at having been present at His manifestation. Many countries have experienced this kind of revival. This is my undying prayer for here.

    Thank you for preaching about Pastor Lloyd-Jones both with admiration and with critique. Thank God that He moves not by the might of human reasoning (though it must be there to be understood), nor the power of persuasion (though we are to be persuaded), but by His Spirit (whether through the power of the Word of God, or His exclamation point through the manifestations of signs and wonders), both must be indwelt by the Holy Spirit in order to be authentic. I long to be present again when He moves upon us once again. Amen.

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