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Stephen The Levite – The First Missionary

    The First Missionary // 最初の宣教師 buying generic cialis mexico rx Here’s how it started, the Godhead before this/ formless and void little orb was in orbit/ before this chaotic, star-less, darkness/ was cosmically formed set a course uncharted// before this God gave His glory an audience/ honor applause and awe for the Artist/ […]

The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ Sermon

“Let us now treat this thought of the Glory of God in the Person of Christ by way of experience. Have you ever heard Christ’s doctrine in your soul? If so, you have felt it to be Divine, for your heart has perceived its moral and spiritual glory and you have concluded that God is […]

Nothing but the blood of Jesus – Swift

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Piper: A Passion for Christ-Exalting Power

Revival Is a Baptism of the Holy Spirit From the beginning to the end the life of Martyn Lloyd-Jones was a cry for depth in two areas—depth in Biblical doctrine and depth in vital spiritual experience. Light and heat. Logic and fire. Word and Spirit. Again and again he would be fighting on two fronts: […]

Duties of Parents – Richard Baxter

Ungodly parents are the greatest servants of the devil in all the world, and the bloodiest enemies to their children’s souls! More souls are damned by ungodly parents, than by all other instruments! 1. Understand and lament the corrupted and miserable state of your children, which they have derived from you. 2. Train them up […]

Fail Not to Obtain the Grace of God – John Piper

Fail Not to Obtain the Grace of God – John Piper cialis no prescription needed

Francis Chan – Radical Christianity Is Normal

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Francis Chan – Jesus More Than a Savior

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T4G, Glory, Majesty, Dominion, and Authority Keep Us Safe for Everlasting Joy – John Piper

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Joy Through the Fiery Test of Genuine Faith – John Piper

Joy Through the Fiery Test of Genuine Faith – John Pipergeneric overnight viagra