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Francis Chan

A Call to Holy Living

Scripture(s): Matthew 5:47 Description: A SERMON DELIVERED ON LORD’S DAY MORNING, JANUARY 14TH, 1872, BY C. H. SPURGEON, AT THE METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE, NEWINGTON. “What do ye more than others?” — Matthew 5:47. IT is a very great fault in any ministry if the doctrine of justification by faith alone be not most clearly taught. I […]

Christ Glorified as the Builder of His Church

Christ Glorified as the Builder of His Church – C. H. Spurgeon

Ravi Zacharias – Lord

John Piper on MLJ

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Need for Revival and Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Radical Christian Sacrifice

Odd Thomas – The Incarnation (Spoken Word)

How Sweet and Awful is the Place

How sweet and awful is the place With Christ within the doors While everlasting love displays The choicest of her stores. While all our hearts and all our songs Join to admire the feast Each of us cry with thankful tongues, “Lord, why was I a guest?” “Why was I made to hear thy voice […]

Open Their Eyes: Doing What Only God Can Do, Part 1

The Transcendent Excellency of a Believer’s Portion Above All Earthly Portions

Family, Is God your portion? Listen intently as Thomas Brooks highlights the glory of God as the believer’s portion for all ages. I pray that this excerpt from his writing blesses you during this Christmas season when so many are confused as to what true happiness, joy and contentment is. Make Christ your portion and […]