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The Greatest Story Ever Told – Shai Linne

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Shai Linne – “The Omnis”

Who is like Him? There is none Triune, Holy three-in-one When all is said and done God is amazing, amazing His power cannot be compared Exhaustive knowledge none can share At all times everywhere God is amazing, amazing yeah Verse 1- Omnipotence (Giano) Unlimited, infinite, universal, Self-evident, this Prince is the newest purple Reigns suspended […]

The Judge of All The Earth – Shai Linne

  Tune in with concentration as we resume the conversation The loftiest thoughts conceivable for human contemplation Trying to search the mysteries of the divine is real deep And when it comes to the nature of God, at times we still sleep We must risk people tuning us out as we discuss this The topic […]

S.o. Otukpe: Walk in the Son

S.o. Otukpe 09:47 Poetry In Motion

Shai Linne – What is the Gospel

What’s Your Proof? – Stephen The Levite

Can you imagine the reaction of seein lightning without hearin thunder clappin ayo its kinda like a tree that casts no shadow or light comin out through a black hole its impossible right like Gods truth without proof, the words that the prophets write no contradictions, all predictions came to pass in the pass provin […]

Lampmode Artist and Reformed Theology

The Chopping Block // Reformed Theology from Lamp Mode Recordings on Vimeo.