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Repentance, The Big Turn Around

What is Mortification

To ‘mortify’ means to put any living thing to death. To kill a man, or any living thing, is to take away the principle of all its strength, vigour and power, so that it cannot act, or exert, or put forth any proper acting of its own. Indwelling sin is compared to a person, a […]

Confronting the lie: God won’t give you more than you can handle

This is such a powerful post, I had to share it. Full credit to Nate Pyle at He says; “I’m being transformed from one degree to another. Sometimes it is a joyful process. Many times it’s a painful one. I’m finding that as I follow Jesus I need to unlearn a way of being […]

The Perseverance of Polycarp

Polycarp was the Bishop of Smyrna in Asian Minor. He lived from about AD 70 to 155. He is famous for his martyrdom which is recounted in The Martyrdom of Polycarp and found in Henry Bettenson’s Documents of the Christian Church (Oxford, 1967, pp. 9-12). Tensions had risen between the Christians and those who venerated […]

Preaching to the Heart

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That Your Joy may be Full

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Union and Communion with God the End and Design of the Gospel

“IT is a matter of great consolation that God’s glory and our happiness are linked together; so that whoever set his glory before them singly to aim at, they take the most compendious and certain way to true blessedness. His glory is the ultimate end of man, and should be our great and last scope. […]

A God-Entranced Vision of All Things – John Piper

“Because [God] infinitely values his own glory, consisting in the knowledge of himself, love to himself . . . joy in himself; he therefore valued the image, communication or participation of these, in the creature. And it is because he values himself, that he delights in the knowledge, and love, and joy of the creature; […]

The Sustaining Power of the Gospel – C.J. Mahaney

The Sustaining Power of the Gospel – C.J. Mahaneyviagra buy drug